FAQ for Syalphale

Why are some of my files missing?

There are two reasons why a file might not appear as an enemy. One, if the folder is extermely full (like /usr/bin) then only 200 enemies will be loaded. (this can be changed in config.ini) The other reason is if you do not have the permisions to view that file then Syalphale will not load them.

Why is this game so unbalenced?

Because this game uses data that it has no control over to make the levels, some level will always be unbalenced.

What are those two numbers in the lower right corners of the screen?

The left one is the number of stones you have picked up, and the right one is your hit points.

I don't like the "i" enemy.

Then change it in config.ini. Look up [i] and change it to make it nicer.

Are there any hinden easter eggs?


Why do I have so many .'s in my home folder?

Thoose are hinden configuration files. It you turn on hinden files in your File Manager then you will them in your File Manager.

How do I stop examining things?

Try pressing space.

The game just crashed all by itself! It said something like ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list.

There is a bug that sometimes shows up. I have yet to figure out what is causing this. If you have a theory of what causes it, contact me through sourceforge.

Are there any non-english versions?

No. The Developer only knows one language.

How do I start it?

Run the file named salphale_<version number>.py. You will need to have python 3.