Syalphale is a rogue-like that uses your file system to base its world on.

A @ which represents the player being mobbed a l's

How this works

Each folder is a seprate level. The things inside each level are the files inside each folder. For example if one had a folder that contained Fred, art, and twelve.png, then there would be a level with things named "Fred", "art", "twelve.png". If a folder contains a folder then a down staircase is in the folder. Thus from "/" one can go to "/usr", "/home", "/bin" and any other folder that in directly under root.

The kind of thing that appears is determaned by it's first character. So "twelve.png" is a "t" type enemy.

When a thing is killed, it normaly will drop all the non-letters from it's name. So "twelve.png" will drop a "." when it is killed.

The levels are the same each time you visit them except for your starting posistion and the stones. Any modifications you make to the level do not stick. They are reset to how the level was when you first saw it.

Update 2015 Apr 15

After a few years of no development, I have built an update. There is now two more kinds of maps: empty and tunnels. Also, I decreased the number of stones needed to win, so now the game can be won.

Have fun!